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From the moment we’re born, our story is being written in our skin and engraved in our soul. It starts with our parents – the people who brought us into the world. The features we inherit, our mother’s button nose, our father’s dimpled smile, symbolise unity and history. They represent the stories of generations that existed long before our time, and will continue to tell those stories long after the people who wrote them are gone. Then, as we begin to make our own way in the world, we pick up quirks and characteristics that set us apart along the way. A goofy laugh that embodies our sense of humour. A scar that reflects our fight and resilience. A universe of stories can be told by the smallest of features, and no two stories are ever the same. They make up the very essence of who we are and showcase the gift of individuality.

If you were to put together all the things you wish your body could be, what would it look like? 

Would it be tall or short? 

Curvy or slim? 

You…or somebody else…? 

Would that body be a complete fiction? 

Dreamt up with no history or meaning at all?

A body perfect body is empty. Meaningless. That’s why it doesn’t exist. Your body and all its wonderful nuances have all the character and charm that you have spent your life creating. It tells exactly the story it’s meant to. If you change a chapter, a page, even a word, it would no longer be your story. It might hardly make any sense at all. The imperfections and irregularities you wish would disappear? They hold a little part of you. They are the embodiment of your experiences, your achievements and your life. Without them, the skin you wear and the features it bears hold as much significance as a dress on a hanger or shoes in a box. Pretty as they are and desirable as they may be, without a person with life and flair to wear them with confidence, they’re hardly worth a second look. It is your story and your soul that become your beauty. Not the long legs or solid abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Love your body for everything it represents, because the person it carries is incredible. You are incredible! For every ‘blemish’ there is a little part of you tucked away inside. Emanating your fierce personality and spectacular heart. Realise that there are no physical faults on a beautiful person who has lived a beautiful life and done beautiful things. You are the author of your actions, and that is all you need to be able to control in order to become an utterly gorgeous individual.

So, forget dreaming of a different appearance. The beauty of your body does not lie in the way it looks but the tale is speaks. Your story is an amazing one and that’s what your body says about you.

ZDROJ: http://maxineali.com/your-body-tells-your-story/