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7 day minimalist challenge

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In the beginning of my minimalist lifestyle transition, I realized I had to alter how I originally viewed minimalism. I had to stop considering minimalism in terms of what I couldn’t have and start thinking of it as making an intentional choice to have more of what really matters. That sounds great, but where do you start?

This week I challenge you to a “seven day minimalist challenge.” If you notice a difference in your lifestyle after seven days, then you may want to consider minimalism as a lifestyle change. Seven days is not a long time, but these simple tasks highlight key aspects of minimalism.


Day 1: Take 10 minutes out of your day to stretch (Set a timer! No cheating!). Do this for seven days.

Day 2: Do not spend money for 24 hours. It’s a bring your coffee to work kind of day.

Day 3: Clear all surfaces in your bedroom.

Day 4: Clear out your inbox (have more than one account? Clear all of them).

Day 5: Practice mono-tasking (close all those browsers)

Day 6: Media free after 6 p.m. (phone, TV, computer etc.). How about spending time with a loved one?

Day 7: Create a morning ritual.



Additional task: 

Downsize your shoe collection (makeup collection, movie collection, book collection etc.) This is a personal task I have assigned for myself this week.Next week I will update you on the success of my seven week challenge. Follow me on Instagram to keep track of my daily challenges! 

What day will be difficult for you?/ Day 2 and Day 6 are going to be challenging for me!